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Life’s Entropy Review!


Today I am going to review a new indie cosmetics line, Life’s Entropy! I just got my order today and I had to write a review straight away, I was just so impressed and excited(I am a huge Dota fangirl)! Life’s Entropy debuted with a full range of products; two full eyeshadow collections(Secret Shop & Animal Sanctuary), a Lip Theory liquid lipstick collection, DIY Custom Gloss Tubes, Contour Sticks, and Foundation Elixers(white at the start, more to follow). Whew! What a huge collection so far! I really enjoy the themes; Dota, cute animals, science, and computer science are all wins in my book. My fiance is a programmer so he got a kick out of Recursion.

My dota girls oversee the packages

I made a pretty decently sized order from them, my last big hoo-rah before my low buy sets in and sadly I lost my nose ring sleeping and there was no sticking it back through so I totally used it as an excuse for some retail therapy!

Secret Shop Collection 

LE00001 Ahhhhhh! I was insanely excited when Jane from LE came by and posted about her new Dota 2 Collection. I have played well over a thousand hours of Dota 2, I love the characters, and my fiance and I both play, so it’s something fun we get to do together. I love it so much I bought the whole set(there was a little card stuck to the set, I was the first full set SS order!)  My favorite character though is Death Prophet, so I highly hope that she comes out with more characters and spells like she has hinted as she might(or maybe let me buy a custom one :D) I like that she also sent a sparkly Dota sticker, it’s totally going on my pink computer!  doubleee

I really love the packaging that everything is in. I dearly love the little boxes she puts full sizes in, they are so cute! I am a sucker for cute things and cute packaging, I really want to leave all my shadows in their boxes, but I don’t know how feasible that is! I may write the names on the tops of the boxes if I do end up doing that.

Size of the boxes!

Size of the boxes!

 Custom Mix Gloss Lip Theories 

LE00010I think this is a really neat product she offers, you pick up the 3 custom gloss tubes, the placebo of clear gloss, and your samples. It even comes with little caps to make it easier to pour the shadow into the tubes.  I definitely wanted a Dismember gloss, but I’m not sure what other two to use!

Lip Theories


Lip Theories are liquid lipsticks, similar to OCC’s Lip Tar if you have tried those. I picked up a sample of Coralation and received a free tube of Recursion because I spent over $50(spending over $35 gets you a free full size eye shadow). The full size theories come in a full size gloss tube with an applicator. The sample sizes come in cute little centrifuge tubes, perfect for dipping your lip brush into. They dry down more matte and do not seem to transfer too badly during the test run.

And last but not least, Particle Contour Stick!


These are really cool, I have been struggling with contouring and this will make it so much easier. They come in a cream stick that you can just rub on and blend out. I currently wear MAC NW13 foundation, so that puts Proton(a light golden ashy brown) as the one for my coloring. I am more on the cool side though, so I also picked up a sample of Neutrino(cool toned medium-gray brown).  On my skin these colors are pretty close when blended out, I had to go through a lot of pictures to find on that showed up more differently. I think I could really use both of these colors as contouring and they’d both work pretty well. I’m just happy they aren’t super warm, as things pull more warm on my skin.

All in all, this made for a very good haul! I had a great experience buying from Life’s Entropy, her packaging makes opening it more special, the themes are great, and the products are awesome too! I highly suggest picking some things up from her! I am very excited to start doing some Dota makeup looks as well!

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