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Haus of Gloi Review!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing a shop that is quickly becoming another one of my favorites. Haus of Gloi is a small vegan business that sells perfume oil, soaps, scrubs, body butter, and lip balm.  Their prices are very reasonable, their products are all high quality(and smell delicious!) and their shipping is lightening fast. My orders are usually shipped out within a few days(and to me in about 3, but I live very close to them) and always packaged well.

This review covers three orders from them, as shipping is not at all bad or expensive I don’t feel bad about making several smaller purchases. Also, this is the first time I will be reviewing scents so please bear with me!

Most of the things that I am going to be reviewing are from special seasonal releases(but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the products in other flavors/scents). HOG develops special fragrances and lip balms for each season. My lip balms and Beguiled are all from her Summer release.

Everyone reading this review is in luck though, as her Fall/Halloween release is debuting on Sunday! I have not been around for one of the launches, but from what I hear it can get pretty crazy and certain things sell out fast(Ghost Puffs in particular seems to be a well loved favorite in the community).

Perfume Oils



Haus of Gloi currently has around 22 scents that are usually available(unless out of stock) and come out with around 6 or so for the special releases. Most of these scents you can get in any variety of scrub, butter, or hair oil as well. The sample vials are only $2.50 and are a great way to try out some of the scents. The larger 5ml amber glass bottle is $12.  I have been adding on one or two samples to each order so I can try them all out over time. When I first tore into the package and smelled them, the first two I got(Elevenses and Litchi Milk Tea) smelled like straight up black licorice. I was pretty sad because a lot of people like these scents, especially Litchi Milk tea, but after some reading I found out that usually the vials need time to rest. They have just had a long journey where they were probably overheated and jumbled around a lot. I let them rest for about two weeks and the smell had definitely morphed into the smells that people all rave about. Also, just because some of these scents didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. Body chemistry plays a big role in how scents smell on us and we also just may like different scents.

Litchi Milk Tea

  • Tart lychee fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk.

This perfume is not overly fruity on my skin, the black tea seems to darken the fruitiness some. The coconut I catch whiffs of here and there, but it is not a strong scent on me in this combination. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, it may work better in a butter on me than an oil. I also am not sure if black tea just does weird things with my skin chemistry either.


  • Not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, it’s the little sip and nibble in between… Fluffy little orange cakes, sugar coated toasty almonds and a wee steaming cup of black tea.

This one I am not a huge fan of on my skin at all. It has that black licorice bite to it on my skin that I think is coming from the black tea. I definitely smell orange, but not as a cake. The sugary toasted almonds also do not come through at all.


  • Steam billows rolling off a vessel of fresh made Turkish coffee, marshmallow goo tainted by graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts and blanketed in black chocolate.

Vice I really enjoy. I’m not sure if I should be smelling like a coffee house, but I do love it! I will probably end up getting this as a butter, it’s a very comforting smell, like being in a little cozy coffee house. This scent is not overly sweet on my skin, it has a rich dark chocolate scent to it, like a Starbucks Frappacino. I don’t pick out the marshmallow or graham crackers individually, but it all blends very nicely to give a real rich, dark coffee/chocolate scent.

Peach Mama

  • Peach nectar and a host of resins: offertory frankincense, styrax, copaiba balsam and ambered labdanum absolute. Warmed with cassia and a barely audible breath of black patchouli.

This one I am not too keen on at all. This one smells like peach and potpourri on me. The potpourri is just too much and too strong on my skin and the peach takes a backseat. I do wonder if there is a way to make it into a room scent, because it would make a lovely oil burner scent.

Honeysuckle Lemon Curd

  • Rich lemon curd with a touch of fresh honeysuckle.

I like this one a lot too! This immediately reminds me of Lemonheads! It is not a fake or cleaner lemon scent at all. About 30 mins into the wear time though the lemon dies down and the light honeysuckle scent starts to take over. This one smells very nice, I wish it had a longer wear time on me. I also use this one to layer with the other scents I am not too keen on. Honeysuckle Lemon Curd layered over Litchi Milk Tea is really nice and the lemon seems to help out the black tea a little bit since it doesn’t seem to agree with my skin.

Pumpkin Butter


Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butters are a great treat for your dry skin. They are formulated with shea butter and unrefined pumpkin seed oil and every batch is made from scratch, paraben free and vegan. These come in two sizes, a Mini 2oz. jar for $4.50 and a 6oz full size jar for $10.


  • Lemon cake made with the tang of fresh buttermilk, raspberry coulis – an otherwise innocent cake corrupted by cardamom and deceptive pink peppercorns.

This scent is amazing. The lemon really mixes well with the spices and gives you this lemony, spicy, creamy, cakey treat. My fiance says I smell like a fancy hotel. I got this in my first order and I did not realize I would love it so much. The large size sold out before I could get it and the perfume oil also sold out while I was hemming and hawing over it. Because of that you can see I hardly use it! It smells so good I can’t bear to have it gone within a week. I usually rub this on my arms and legs so I can go to bed smelling like an amazing spicy cake.  The formula is great too, it is very rich and creamy, it rubs in quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling slick or greasy. The scent sticks around of a good amount of time. I will definitely be repurchasing Beguiled when the next summer release comes around!

Hair Oil



Because I could not get any more Beguiled in the oil or butter, I decided on picking it up in their Hair Oil. You get 2oz. of your chosen scent for $12.  I have very fine, thin, straight hair and I only use about two drops on my ends. This oil is very rich! A little bit goes a long way and I will definitely have this bottle for awhile. They formulate their Hair Oil with a lot of good ingredients such as coconut oil, camellia oil, argon oil, daikon radish seed oil and other extracts to help with shine, split ends and frizziness.

This oil can also be used for any other dry spots! I really like using a few drops on my cuticles and also on my tattoo,  moisturized skin really makes the color pop and the oil makes gives it a slight glisten(and makes me smell great). I use about 3-4 drops when I moisturize my tattoo. I also love HOG because they package their sample vials in little bags, and the first one I got(shown in the first photo) also had a Maneki-Neko stamped on it! Match made in heaven I say. 🙂


Kitty loves HOG Hair Oil!

Lip Balms


Last, but not least, we have the lip balms! HOG lip balms only come out with the special releases, I wish they had them all year round. These definitely go fast, especially the more popular flavors, so be sure to snap them up if you are interested. By the time I ordered from their summer release, they only had Oregon Blueberry and Pineapple Fennel. I love blueberries so of course I went with that one. I’m also not sure if they do this all the time, but they came out with a release of 4 to tide us over until Fall release. I was able to get Summer Sangria and Lemon Pound Cake from that release. I really enjoy these lip balms, they smell AH-MAZING and are very true to scent. These are also moisturizing for your lips, with coconut oil, shea butter, and pomegranate oil. It’s very light on your lips and doesn’t feel like you have put a ton of stuff on them. These also have made my fiance start using lip balm which is quite the feat(especially on a regular basis)! He has since stolen the Summer Sangria from me.

  • Oregon Blueberry – smells exactly like a bowl of ripe blueberries. Delicious.
  • Summer Sangria – like a sangria cake almost, a little bit of sweet thrown in with the fruitiness and rich wine.
  • Lemon Pound Cake – spongy cake with a hint of lemon.


I hope you all enjoyed the review! Do you think you will be picking any of the Fall release products up? I am definitely excited about Ghost Puffs, Pumpkin Eater, Queen Mother definitely peeks my interest, and I will have to pick up some more lip balms, hopefully Pumpkin and Caramel Apple or Hazelnut Mocha Latte.


  1. The Pumkin Butter in Bequiked sounds amazing! I also would love to try the lip butters. Living in Florida in the sun all the time my lips are always dry. Thanks for the review!

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