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Ten Three Labs Review-Salve Sticks & Special Blueberries ;}

Ten Three Labs

Today I am going to review my little Ten Three Labs order! Ten Three Labs is a newer shop, but they already have quite a few products and have came out with a few different collections, most recent one being the ‘Grand Re-Opening Collection‘ inspired by Bob’s Burgers(who doesn’t love that show!). Their salve sticks have been awarded Holy Grail status by quite a few people and I had to try a scent out as well! They also offer shadows as well.

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Ten Three Labs

I can’t find Cara from Ten Three Labs talking about it now, but I am pretty sure I read how she researched like crazy and tried many different formulas to get her PERFECT ONE. I think she succeeded! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on these sticks since she opened. I am crazy for lip balms and now that I’ve turned my significant other into a lip balm junkie(he has stolen all my HOG balms) I figured I’d pick these up and try them out. Everyone that has been raving about them is correct. They are very moisturizing and feel nice on the lips.

  • Cocoa Puffs – Hot Chocolate and Marshmellows
  • Maccababy – sufganiyah  (a strawberry donut-type Hanukkah dessert(they remind me of paczki’s if you are polish!)
  • Ingredients: avocado oil, mango butter, candelilla wax, castor oil, peppermint oil, flavor, vitamin E

Under all of these you can smell that light hint of peppermint. Cocoa Puffs smells really good. You can smell the hot chocolate, but it would be a little stronger if the peppermint wasn’t there. Maccababy is a slightly sweet strawberry scent.

The formula feels similar to Notoriously Morbid’s Coffin Kissers if you have tried those. Ten Three Lab’s Salve Sticks are a rich, soft formula, so you don’t have to press hard to get a nice amount on your lips, but they are not so soft they just mush up. It’s been kind of dry in our house lately and one swipe of Cocoa Puffs plumped them back up! These also don’t taste terrible either. They don’t have flavoring, but it’s not a gross balm flavor, it’s more buttery. I’m assuming that is due to the mango butter! These came shrink wrapped and you can just tear off the top part, which makes me happy as the label is paper.

Ten Three Labs

Bow Down was my GWP that I got from purchasing over black friday. Bow Down is a red with golden shimmer. On my lips though mostly the gold shows up and gives it an orange-y sheen with sparkles. I’m not sure how opaque this one is supposed to be, but I personally can’t layer and layer color on, it just feels weird on my lips. So these swatch photos are from rubbing my finger around and applying, about 3 times.

Ten Three Labs

In it’s current state it looks similar to my custom Shiro gloss in Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist. I do wish the red came through a bit more, but if her other Smudge Sticks feel the same, I’m definitely going to t a few other colors. I am still a fan of the orangey gold sparkles though. They provide some color while still having the same moisturizing formula.

Ten Three Labs

  • Organic Blueberries – Definitely absolutely 100% blueberries. Nothing funny about this whatsoever. But if you get caught with this, you don’t know my name and you don’t know where this farm is. Blueberry, patchouli, nag champa, cannabis flower. From the Grand Re-Opening Collection.

I had to at least try this perfume oil, but I had an inkling that I would like it a lot. Blueberries are my favorite(I have a blueberry muffin smoothie almost every day!) and I live in a legal state ;}, so I thought it would be a good fit. On cold sniff you get a lot of blueberry and nag champa. Immediately on the skin it smells similar to the bottle, lots of blueberries. The blueberries tone down over time. This smells exactly like walking into a headshop(some time after the occupants have participated in some illicit activities). The blueberry mixes with the nag champa so well, I really like the blend. Incense-y smells can be too heavy on me very easily, but the blueberry adds a lighter, fruity element to it that takes it out of the heavy incense category. A lot of you will be happy that it doesn’t straight up smell like marijuana, but if you are around it a lot, you will definitely smell the hints of cannabis flower. Kinda like when you are out in public and get just a hint of it(“heyyyy I know that smell!”) from some random person.

This wears for me at about 3 hours, but even then I can still smell the lingering scent if I put my nose up to my skin. This would also make a delicious scent for a fragrance burner! I also love that it is in a tiny bottle WITH A SCREW CAP.           I dislike the regular sample vials and I struggle with the caps. Cara also wrapped the cap to help prevent spillage, which I appreciated.

In short, you should totally check out Ten Three Labs!

I’m definitely going to pick up some more salve/smudge sticks, try out some shadows next time, get a full size of Organic Blueberries and get some other scents. Artificial angels has gotten a lot of love and I wish it could have gone in this order!


  1. Maccababy – sufganiyah (a strawberry donut-type Hanukkah dessert(they remind me of paczki’s if you are polish!) Oh my gosh I love it!

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