Fyrinnae came out with a few new treats for Halloween this year and I couldn’t pass them up!

Fyrinnae Cosmetics

These swatches use Sonia Kashuk’s Extreme Wear Eye Base as a base with Fryinnae’s Pixie Epoxy on the bottom half. Because these shades are not glitter bombs though, the Pixie Epoxy is a little overkill. As you can see there really isn’t much of a change in the color from top to bottom.

I have had this post in draft purgatory because I was so frustrated over my photo editing tools, but I got things sorted out and away we go! These colors came out for Halloween, but they are not exclusive and are available year round.

Faust & Haunted Ballroom

Fyrinnae Faust Haunted Ballroom

Faust: This rich, shimmery brown has a somewhat metallic finish and golden hue without being overly warm. A great staple shade without being ordinary.

I really like this color, it has a metallic satin feel to it. It doesn’t take much to build up the color, it is very rich. I like using this as a crease or smokey eye color! The metallic finish really makes it pop. This makes a good all over eye color as well for a quick easy look!

Haunted BallroomVarying shades of pink and lavender shimmer create a “faerie dust” appearance in a sheer cream hue. Looks darker in the jar than it applies.

Haunted Ballroom was my free sample, but I  may grab a mini of it! This also has that nice satiny feel to it. Champagne neutrals like this one are one of the go-to shades for my eye looks, I wear a lot of purples and browns and these sorts of colors go along really well with them.

Sloth Snuggles & All Hallow’s Eve

Fyrinnae Sloth Snuggles All Hallow's Eve


Sloth Snuggles: Deep to medium chocolate brown graced with a satiny mauve highlight. Not as pink as it appears here. Endangered 2012

This one is not part of the Halloween collection, but was another new color and with a name like that, I had to pick it up! This one is pretty hard to get a good photograph(at least on my rinky dink camera!), the pink doesn’t come out very strong and it isn’t really noticeable in my photographs. There is a pink sheen to the brown that I can see a bit more in person. That being said, I have been using this to darken up my lighter purples in my crease and as a smokey eye color, so it’s okay that the pink isn’t super there.

All Hallow’s Eve: Deep “pumpkin spice” orange has a slightly darker base hue to set off its varying hues of fine shimmer. Appears copper in the jar, but applies more complex.

This one is the real winner of my mini haul. The orange made me nervous, but indies have been really pushing me to open up to new things so I grabbed a mini. And I am SO glad I did. I have green eyes and this one is a real winner to make them pop. I have been reaching for this color almost every time since I got it. It makes for the perfect fall blending shade and I feel so totally “pumpkin spice” with it on. I’ve been using this a lot as a crease color, it blends really nicely and it works really well with browns like Faust and Sloth Snuggles!

Last Kiss Lip Lustre

Fyrinnae Last Kiss

Flash picks up that pretty sparkle!

Last Kiss – Bright, slightly cool red topped with fine warm gold shimmer. May appear to have an orange or dark pink hue depending on skintone. The gold is more prominent than in our Sexy Nerd Lustre, but is not large particle or gritty.

Fyrinnae Last KissI grabbed a mini of this just to try it out. Fyrinnae’s Lip Lustre’s are one of my favorites so far in the indie lipcolor world. I have two, but I want the whole set!

Fyrinnae explains them best: “Fyrinnae’s Lip Lustres are not like lipgloss. This unique product is a non-sticky lipcolour, nearly as solid as lipstick, leaving rich colour on your lips but no goopy tackiness. Most shades are made to be relatively opaque, though some can be applied lightly over lipstick as a highlight or over balm as a sheer tint. They are a rather “dry” product because we pack as much colour into them as possible, but the ingredients are not drying. “

I love the texture of these and I love that they do not get gritty. Fyrinnae’s lip lustre’s are a great formula and I suggest trying one out asap! I like that these do not settle into my lines like some glosses have the tendency to do. They also feel light on my lips and I usually cannot tell I’m wearing anything.

Fluff Finishing Powder

  • Fluff is a lightweight, transparent, multi-use powder to soften pores and fine lines, absorb oil, give a soft finish after makeup application, as a mild oil-absorbing primer. Unlike pure silica powder, this lacks much of the airborne “flyaway” aspect. The round silica acts a reflective surface, which does create a very slight glow, but there is no noticable shimmer. The Titanium dioxide is very minimal (less than .5%), and does not make the powder whitening. It’s “fused” with silica. Like our Powder Primer, you only need to use a very small amount, which is best applied with a flocked sponge/puff or powder brush.
  • Ingredients: Silica, Mica (Sericite), Titanium Dioxide.

This one I did not take a photo of, but you can see it in the first image, the plain white jar on the left! I got a trial of fluff in my first Fyrinnae order. I was incredibly impressed with it and ordered a larger size! I have larger pores and I notice a slight blurring effect when I use this as a final step in my foundation. It just kind of smoothes everything out slightly. It is okay at oil-absorption, but if you have oily skin you will probably need to do touch-ups during the day.

The only thing I didn’t like as much is the size of the jar, it’s not nearly big enough to swirl my big powder brush in so I have to tap some out on a magazine. When I ordered it though, there were 3 options, a trial size, 3gm and 6gm. It took me a bit to get through the trial so I ordered the 3gm, which is the smaller size jar. It looks like the 3gm option is now gone from the website though, so I think the jar you will get with the full size will be a little bigger.


Here are a few things I’ve done with these colors!

  1. Fyrinnae LooksHaunted Ballroom on the lid, All Hallow’s Eve in the crease, and Faust to darken the corner.
  2. Notoriously Morbid Tea Tosh on lid, Life’s Entropy Exorcism in the crease/corner, and Sloth Snuggles to darken up the corner.
  3. Haunted Ballroom on the lid, Life’s Entropy Exorcism in the crease/corner, and a tid bit of Sloth Snuggles to darken the crease.
  4. Faust all over the lid(love this for an easy, fast look!) with All Hallow’s Eve blended out of the crease.

Another picture of look #1 with Last Kiss lip Lustre

That’s it for this little haul! Fyrinnae Cosmetics is probably my favorite company for shadows and lipcolors. They have a huge range of colors and I always like the things I get. They are very high quality and well worth the cost! I definitely recommend checking them out and they are a great store to place your first indie order with as well! Their TAT is not usually nearly as long as stated, I usually get my orders on their way to me within a week. They do also close their shop periodically so they can keep up on orders, so if the shop is closed just try back later!