There were a few open spots for Hello Waffle’s Visage Box subscription and you better believe I set my alarm and woke up early to snag one. I love how the box will be a complete look with colors that tie together very nicely. I have been pretty jealous of the other boxes as I found the colors so pretty! I have a few things from Hello Waffle, but as shipping is a little higher being a Canadian company, I usually wait for a sale or do a little bigger order. I’m spoiled by free Amazon Prime shipping! The Visage box is perfect for me because it includes shipping and I love being surprised!

I also got new bulbs and a few new little lenses for my camera so I think you will notice a nice jump in picture quality! I might have gotten a little carried away with pictures, so let me know if it’s too much!

Hello Waffle January Visage

All the items in the box!

 Hello Waffle January Visage box has colors based off the Japanese fairy tale Momotaro, or The Story of the Son of a Peach. 

Hello Waffle Visage box

Comes packaged in a different colored box and ribbon each month with a card matching the theme of the box.

Hello Waffle Visage Story

The story the colors are based off of and what’s inside the box!

This month had beautiful shadows and this is the perfect box going into spring! On all of the line swatches, primer only on the left, primer & Pixie Epoxy on the right.
  • Hello Waffle SaruSaru: Warm shimmering peach

I really like this color. I don’t have any peaches yet and this one turned out to be a very pretty color I’d wear often.

hello Waffle oni island

  •  Oni Island: Dark midnight navy with copper sheen and sparks

This one reminds of my Shiro’s You Snow Nothing, but with the big gold sparkles in addition to multicolored little ones. It’s a pretty color and the gold sparks really stand out. This one will probably get a lot of love as a liner in my collection.

Hello Waffle Oni Island liner

It also makes a pretty liner!

Hello Waffle kiji

  • Kiji: Shimmery pink/peach glitterbomb with gold, copper, and red sparks. Use of a sticky base is imperative. The price point of this product is higher than that of a regular shadow due to the ingredients used.

This shadow is super pretty and full of sparkles. I would probably stick with putting this atop similar colors, I put it over the navy Oni Island and it covered up the navy color.


Kiji Overshadow over Oni Island

Hello Waffle inu blush

  • Inu: Warm orange-peach with the slightest amount of shimmer

This blush is super pretty on! I have been looking for more blush colors and this one I think works pretty well with my coloring. It gives a nice wash of color.

hello Waffle Victorian Disco momotaro lip gloss

  • Victorian Disco Cosmetics Momotaro Lip Gloss: Shimmery Orange Peach

This is a nice gloss, but I wouldn’t say the color is peach at all. It’s almost a MLBB shade. It’s a little on the sheer side(when compared with say Shiro’s Opaque glosses), but it goes on my lips even and the color doesn’t sink into the lines.

Hello Waffle collaborates with other indie owners, and Victorian Disco Cosmetics was the collaboration this month.

Some eye looks using the colors!

Hello Waffle FOTD

Click for bigger image!

Hello Waffle FOTD

Click for bigger image!

Thanks for stopping by! Hello Waffle has beautiful shades and you should check them out! They also just released a gorgeous matte collection based on Archer, The Duchess Collection!

Some of the shades are available for purchase at Hello Waffle Here until Jan 31st. So if there is anything you see and like you can still pick it up!


Bonus Rupert breaking through my makeshift lightbox!