Winter DC Fragrances appeared! Of course I grabbed Don Gato. ^-^

Darling Clandestine Don Gato

Always get some delicious treats!

Darling Clandestine put up some preorders(such a good idea in my opinion!) for some of her winter scents, mainly Don Gato and Vortex, and brought back some Halochrome for preorder. As Don Gato is a kitty scent, and I am a crazy cat lady who is a total cat huffer(I’m not the only one! there are worse off than me!), I of course had to have it.

If this could be you, you may want Don Gato. :p image credit to Yasmine @

If this could be you, you may want Don Gato. :p image credit to Yasmine @ Check her out, she has super cute kitty comics!

I could smell this when I opened up the package, even through the paper it was wrapped in!

Don Gato

You’ll def want to keep this kitty!

I really enjoy experiencing every Darling Clandestine fragrance, even if they aren’t all my type.

Don Gato smells very nice though, so I am glad I sprung for the fullsize solid right away!

Darling Clandestine Don Gato

A long time ago, my buddy Bekka— —suggested that a “cat” scent would be a pretty sweet move for DC. You know, when you press your face into a kitty’s shoulder and just breathe, and the kitty just doesn’t understand why you won’t cut that out? Yeah, that scent. At the time I was a bit overwhelmed and I couldn’t deliver. Well, some time later, I was chatting with Yen, DC ninja extraordinaire, to create a custom scent, and she said she wanted something that smelled like adventurous outdoor kitties, who’d spent the days basking on rooftops and rolling in catnip and running through green weeds. Don Gato arose from that request. It’s clean, sun-baked, green-soaked cat. It goes on subtle but lingers strong.
  • Suite: Deep
  • Traditional gender preference: True unisex
  • Boss level: 8

 On cold sniff it smells green, but not a sharp, bright green, more warm and sunny.


As if we are the cat, enjoying the warm greenery around us.

On my skin the sunny green blends in with the rest. To be completely honest I have no freaking clue what she has in this. It’s a subtle scent like described, it doesn’t have a large throw. It sticks around for 3-4 hours.

I love kitties though, and I have one of the softest ginger cats in the world.


He never lets me touch his soft belly. *pout*

Rupert is such a diva and is always smoothing his fur back down once you’ve ruffled it. It’s easy to assume I do a lot of fur ruffling. 😉 It’s hard to explain how cats smell, but if you have one I’m sure you know. It’s like a dull, baked, sweet(my mind keeps wanting to say dusty, I have no idea why)scent, if I had to pick anything. Don Gato has that same feeling. Lazy, sunny, green, baked in the sun cats.

Don Gato in a nutshell.  :)

Don Gato in a nutshell. 🙂 Image courtesy of Wanna pet the belly!

As always, I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope you check out Darling Clandestine! Difficult to review, but always well blended. She is currently closed and getting ready for her Valentines Day offerings, but she should be back up on January 26th! It looks like she is going to have some very interesting blends (Coma Cluster is an all-botanical natural fragrance featuring classics like dark sweet coffee oil and cocoa absolutes, delicate essence of orange blossom, and an oh-my-you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me dynamite Bulgarian rose otto. Umm, yes Please!) for V-day so be sure to check it out!