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My Pretty Zombie Swatches Pt. 1 – Grimdeva, Mary Jane, Amacyst!

 Today I have three My Pretty Zombie Eyeshadow Swatches!

My Pretty zombie Grimdeva

I got these about a month ago, but haven’t gotten around to swatching yet. Grimdeva, Mary Jane, and Amacyst. All of the blushes I got will go in another blog post as to not weigh this one down. I will say that the three I got all benefit from using Pixie Epoxy. I probably wouldn’t use them alone with just primer as PE gives it such a boost.

For these swatches I will be using Wet & Wild’s Fergie Take On The Day primer and Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy.

My pretty Zombie Grimdeva, Mary Jane, Amacyst

Wet & Wild Take On The Day on top and Pixie Epoxy on the bottom half.

*All of the swatches are taken under a daylight bulb. 

Mary Jane

My Pretty Zombie Mary Jane

  • MaryJane – A mid tone gray green with a slight pink/red shift.
    • Vegan, Not Lip Safe; Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, blue #1 lake, yellow #5 lake, hydrogenated polisobutane, palmitic acid, tin oxide,  silica, iron oxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide, magnesium myriatrate


My Pretty Zombie Amacyst

  • Amacyst – Amacyst is a fabulous medium shimmery purple!
    • Not Vegan, Not lip safe; Ingredients: mica, carmine, Ferric ferrocyanide, Titanium dioxide, Magnesium myristrate

This color is super sparkly and pretty if you love purple! This color is more of a navy with just primer and no glitter primer. I’m not sure what to think about the sample baggie, as I can see the different pigments separated out. It doesn’t appear to have an effect though when I use it, just something weird to note I’ve never seen before.

amacyst bag

You can see the different pigments separated in the bag, which I’ve never seen before.



  • Grimdeva – a dark purple with a slight red shift
    • Vegan, Lip Safe; Ingredients: mica, Titanium dioxide, Tin oxide, Silica, Iron oxide, Copper powder, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium myristrate

Here are the colors on, one eye color, no liner, bare bones looks!

My Pretty Zombie eyes grimdeva

These are all taken with flash to show the sparkles.


Here is one look with Mary Jane and Dark Matter’s Ursa Major for extra pop in the center. I think this is how I’ll use Mary Jane most of the time, for the corners of a holo eye look.


Mary Jane with Dark Matter Ursa Minor

My Pretty Zombie has a wide range of colors and finishes and I am pleased with her formula. I also like the nomenclature of her collections(Fresh Scab, Grandma Cleavage, and Moist anybody?)!
And that is it for part 1! The blushes really work well for me(part 2, coming up next!), so once I find which one I like best, I think I am going to pick up one of their Bestseller’s Sets. That set includes a full sized blush and 3 full size shadows for $18. I think Grimdeva is probably my favorite out of the 3, I think I will get the most wear from it. I’m not sure yet what to pair with Amacyst, it’s such a bold color! Any suggestions? Leave me a comment below!

Go check out My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics here!


  1. Ooh! This makes me really excited to try out the MPZ I ordered!

  2. Wow I love everyone, beautiful!!

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