Yay! Hello Waffle’s February Visage box is here!

This month’s theme is based on the story Little Briar Rose by Jacon and Wilhelm Grimm.

Hello Waffle February visageThe February Visage box had a wonderful range of items in it!

 Lip Gloss, a sneak peak at a brand new blush(!), a limited edition Sixteen92 fragrance, and three Hello Waffle eye-shadow minis!

Hello Waffle February Visage

Cute packaging as always :]

I love the rose details matching the theme of the box and story. 🙂

Hello Waffle February Visage

What’s inside this month’s box and the story!

Onto the goodies! 😀

All of the shadows have been swatched under a daylight bulb and in the order of: bare skin-Fergie Take On the Day PrimerPixie Epoxy
Hello Waffle February Visage

Fifteen: Shimmery mauve-rose with purple sparks

This is a pretty shadow and will go with a lot of things I already have.

Hello Waffle February Visage Thorn Hedge: Shimmery dark grey with pink and purple sparks

This is a gorgeous color and I will probably use it most as a blending color as it works really well for that.

Hello Waffle February Visage

100 Year Sleep: Deep Eggplant purple with pink and purple sparks

This one I have used so far for a nice crease color, purple smokey eye, and an all over one color look.

Blackbird Cosmetics Briar Rose Blush

 Briar Rose: Muted light pink with subtle gold sheen. Satin finish. New blush from Blackbird Cosmetics.

Okay, so, I have a hard time with a lot of indie blushes. They are incredibly pigmented usually and I have to be careful or else it will fill in my pores and I look like a strawberry! They look beautiful, but there’s no way I’m just swirling my brush in and going, I have to carefully measure out a tiny bit and carefully load my brush with the teeniest bit. So I usually stay away from them and use what I already have, and just lust from afar at all the colors people release…


Or, at least with the new Blackbird Cosmetics blushes! 😀 To get the swatch above that thick I tapped my brush in and buffed on about 3 times. Which, for me is awesome. It’s not so pigmented that it is going to fill in my pores, and it doesn’t. I can use what is on the lid for my cheeks and it’s not going to overpower my face in an instant. I love that.

This color however is a little light for me at the moment though. I tend to have redness in my cheeks and that can overpower this blush a little. Benefit’s Dallas(dusty sunset plum) is my current go to blush, so hopefully she will have a color like similar when it comes out. Hopefully this formula is the same across the darker colors as well and doesn’t get super pigmented like other brands.

The second awesome thing about this blush is it has a rotating sifter. Super awesome if you are a traveler. I like it because I can have most of the holes covered and I don’t tap too much out onto the lid.

These blushes should be available towards the end of March! (so all you low/no buys, you better prepare! :P)

sixteen92 talia

 Talia: Vanilla, soft musk, moss, fern, and stone

I haven’t tried anything from Sixteen92 yet, but I really like this. It reminds me a lot of Darling Clandestine’s Don’tGoPleaseStay, but the vanilla is a lot stronger with Talia.

  • In The Bottle: Very faint, subtle vanilla and stone.
  • On Skin: a small burst of green and then stoney vanilla, very smooth. Not a large throw, but long lasting, about 6 hrs. I’ve dabbed this on the blanket I use on our couch and it’s still softly scented vanilla days later.

Like you are drinking creamy vanilla tea by a softly babbling brook in the forest

 wisewomanWise Woman: Brick Strawberry with a subtle but evil blue glow. Moderately opaque.

I like Hello Waffle’s gloss formula a lot. It smells like cupcakes. This is a pretty color. I’ll probably get a lot of use out of it once I invest in a lip liner that matches up. I cannot stay in the lines. XD It doesn’t leave a stain behind either.


As you can see from my messy application that I need to invest in some more lip liners! This spreads easily, two coats!

And Lastly, over Here are two looks I’ve done with these products!

Any February visage extras should go up here on the 22nd.

To end the post, here is something new I am trying, a short video on instagram to show the shadow colors off! Let me know if it’s something you’d like to see more of or not!

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