March’s Visage came with a Fairy Dust Overshadow called ‘What Was Promised’.

“A sparkly Gold in the jar but turns green over skin!”

That sounds super similar to Shiro’s Moon Prism Power! Which I already own.

“pale, lightly pinkish cream base, with a strong opalescent green shift and bright golden sparkle.”

So here is a comparison of What was Promised and Moon Prism Power, both swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

What was promised

I think What Was Promised is more of a gold than a green. If you are looking for more green, I’d go with Moon Prism Power.What Was PromisedWhat Was promised

You can see the green shift in What Was Promised a little better in the close up shots.


They are both still very sparkly!

All in all, both are pretty colors and I will get use out of both of them! I really like Hello Waffle’s Overshadows for blending Pixie Epoxy, the light dusting of sparkle helps blur that line a bit from Pixie Epoxy to regular primer.

┬áReview on Hello Waffle’s What Was Promised located Here!